Fan Mail Favorite

The River Royals are blessed to have received lots of wonderful, kind, thoughtful and creative pieces of fan mail over the last year. We share many of them on our website here. When I am having a hard day, it immediately cheers me up to reread these adorable letters. One letter, however, is sure to make me laugh out loud, regardless of what's going on in my day. We have Maya from Pulaski Academy in Little Rock, Arkansas to thank for this gem.

Scan 12.jpg

The imagination of a child is an amazing and wonderful thing. If only we could tap into that creativity, we would all laugh more and come up with some dynamite ideas for making our world a better place.

If you haven't read River Royals Master the Mississippi yet, you really need to check it out. Because Maya, and the other Benjamin, and the other Benjamin's brother, Andrew, and Maya's sister, Sara, who thinks any animal with a long, thin face is a dog, all really like it. I'm sure her best friend, Benjamin, would have liked it too (had he been at school that day).

May you celebrate today with your own "feathery glow in the dark dance!"

You're the best, Maya,