The River Royals love visiting our friends in libraries and elementary schools! 
We've read to approximately 15,000 children in 100 schools across 6 states and the District of Columbia in the last year!
We ask an Authors' honorarium of $400 per day and offer the following presentation options.
Contact us to arrange a visit to your school or library!

"River Royals Rendezvous"

Join Eliza Jane and Henry as they explore the America "from rivers to shining seas!" The 30-45 minute show includes (1) a reading of one River Royals book through a Powerpoint presentation; (2) a patriotic sing-a-long led by author, Sarah Wynne, with her guitar; and (3) an arts and crafts session in which children have the option of decorating crowns or American flags. Children ages 4-6 especially seem to enjoy this program.


"River Royals Publishing Adventure"

Ever wonder how Eliza Jane and Henry make it onto your school library bookshelf? In this 30-45 minute presentation, children will (1) follow along with a reading of one River Royals book through a Powerpoint presentation; (2) "help" the characters navigate the rivers of America by each waiving an American flag when the characters enter new states; (3) track the adventure with laminated maps to hold and reference; and (4) learn the steps of the publishing process through introducing (via pictures) the members of the River Royals team, including the agent, illustrator, editors, graphics artists, publishers, printer, distributor and publicist! 


"River Royals Writing Workshop"

Children learn when learning is made fun! The River Royals pull children into the drafting and editing process in our Writing Workshop. Through a Powerpoint presentation, students learn the major components of a story, including creating a protagonist/antagonist, character development, pulling the characters and plot together, laying the foundation for the plot and theme, introducing tension or a catalyst and creating a satisfying ending! Depending on the size of the group, we can create one manuscript together through audience participation or each create individual manuscripts through our educational worksheet. The Writing Workshop is especially popular with older elementary school children.